Essay about The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Essay about The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The Congo is an African country ruined by European imperialism. It was taken over by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1885. In 1908 the Congo would become known as the Belgian Congo. During Leopold’s rule in the Congo he was accused of enslaving the Congolese and killing 10 million of them through forced labor, starvation and outright extermination. Belgium’s rule of the Congo caused other European countries to “race” for power in African colonies; this was called the “Scramble for Africa”. The events that occurred during Leopold’s reign are examples of why imperialism should be outlawed, because of the Congo before, during, and after Belgian imperialism.
Thousands of years ago, before the Belgian Congo, Bantu tribesmen are believed to have lived along major rivers in the region including the Congo River. In Central Africa this area would become one of the liveliest places for social and political development. As the population increased the region was separated into states, the most eminent of them was known as The Kingdom of Kongo. The Kingdom of Kongo was separated into six provinces, in each province there were tribes headed by a tribal chief. Each province was controlled by a governor appointed by Mani Kongo or The King. The governor’s duties consisted of commanding military actions, accompanying Mani Kongo into battle, looking over finances and governing within their province, and taxing the villagers in honor of the king. Being the supreme ruler of the land the king was the civil and religious leader creating and enforcing all laws (Heart). It was not until 1483 the Kingdom of Kongo would subject to imperialism.
The first Europeans to step foot in the Kongo were the Portuguese. Diego Cao, a Portuguese explorer along wi...

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...tale of foreign powers invading and exploiting the country’s wealth at the cost of the well being of the Congolese people.

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