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Democracy in Russia and China Essay examples

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As post-communist countries struggle to modernize and adopt a democratic regime, Russia and China each face obstacles unique to their own political and historical context. The main findings of this paper reveal that economic and political liberalism are closely linked and that economic liberalization facilitates democratization. Thus the shortage (rather than surplus) of economic liberalization has contributed to Russia’s deficit of democracy and has been one of the major obstacles of democratization for Russia. However in China, only economic reform took place under a total political dictatorship. Without political reform, there would be no democracy, even if economic modernization booms rapidly. Both nations ceased to let go of the communist bureaucratic regime, instead they incorporated market economy with heavy bureaucratic control. This persistence of bureaucratic control over the economy hinders democracy in both countries.
One of the most contentious and politically significant debates in social science focuses on the relationship between economic policy and political regime. Political scientists still continue to debate over whether measures that enhance the freedom of private economic actors do or do not promote democracy. This debate is immediately relevant to Russia’s post communist experience. As we have discussed in class, there is some evidence that economic freedom and democracy go together. This makes sense when we consider the market as an ally of open politics. An autonomous economic activity works as a bulwark against despotism. This perspective is consistent with the notion that both capitalism and democracy are based on free choice and that capitalism separates economic power from political power and thereb...

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...itical. The control and governance of a nation as large as Russia would require authoritarian control. This created a forced economic modernization, a half-hearted political reform towards democracy. From this we can conclude Russia’s democracy today is a semi-democracy after all. Very similarly in China, economic reform was carried out under total political dictatorship. Maybe the Chinese learned from the Soviet and its semi-democracy, and saw that economic reform could be carried out without political reform. However, there is evidence of development in both nations. China became the most dynamic and the fastest growing economy in the world in the last ten years. This allows a more extensive degree of freedom and liberty in their economic, social and private lives. These new developments indicate that the transition to political liberalization has begun in China.

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