Delano Roosevelt And The National Recovery Administration Essay

Delano Roosevelt And The National Recovery Administration Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal marked a near total victory of loose construction demonstrated by his use of the elastic clause to give broader meanings to the expressed powers of Congress. Through the many New Deal agencies and legislations put in place, he set the example that the President and Congress could do whatever they thought would benefit the general welfare, even if powerful minority interests would be offended. However, Roosevelt suffered several setbacks in his New Deal and many times what he did to help the lower classes did the exact opposite.
Roosevelt’s practice of loose construction was displayed in the many government agencies and projects of the New Deal created to help out the “general welfare.” As a result of the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) which was intended “ reduce and relieve unemployment, to improve standards of labor, and otherwise to rehabilitate industry” (DOC I), the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was created. The purpose of the NRA was to revive industry and labor by establishing labor codes to set prices, production, minimum wages, maximum hours, etc…, which expanded the power of Congress to “make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers [to regulate commerce]…” as defined in article 1.8.18 of the constitution. The blue eagle, as shown in (DOC A) was the symbol of the NRA and was posted on store windows so people would know not to boycott them as evil “moneychangers in the temple” to did not follow NRA regulations. Another government agency that was created as a result of the NIRA was the Public Works Administration (PWA). Headed by Harold Ickes, the PWA built large-scale public works such as dams, bri...

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...combined did not exceed these excise taxes until the year 1937. Due to the heavy taxation on the big businesses and their owners, the employers of these businesses found it difficult to hire and keep the same amount of workers in their factories. In addition, as the newly employed construction worker earned his wages and spent his money, that same money that was once a tax paid by a wealthy businessman bubbled its way back up to the top of the economic food chain, bringing no change in the gap between rich and poor.
FDR’s New Deal was definitely a push in terms of constitutionality, displaying multiple accounts of loose construction in its government agencies and projects. Though Roosevelt showed that the President and Congress could do just about anything in order to help the general welfare, Roosevelt and his New Deal faced many roadblocks of constitutionality.

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