Deforestation of The Rainforests Essay

Deforestation of The Rainforests Essay

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Rainforest Deforestation
The intensity of the beauty of the rainforest is indescribable and timeless, and cannot be simply captured by a photograph. It’s one of nature’s most mystical biological treasures, created over millions of years. However, the rainforest is far from just being a beautiful refuge for exotic animals because also rainforests have a profound effect on the lives of humans around the world. Most people are simply not educated about deforestation and the distinct characteristics that rainforests possess which are vital to our existence. This ignorance is leading to the evitable extinction of rainforests around the world, and will profoundly affect every human being on the planet. In the past, rainforests covered near 14% of the world’s surface; only a mere 6% is left today. Scientists also project that within forty years the rainforests will completely disappear (Taylor). This means that our generation will be responsible for the extinction of fifty percent of the world’s animals and plants, which include many species of organisms that have created cures to cancers ("Rainforests Facts | The Nature Conservancy"). To understand the issue of rainforest deforestation further, one must take an adventure directly into these complex ecosystems themselves.
The diversity of wildlife found in the rainforests is incomparable to any other environment on earth, and they are considered the oldest ecosystems on the planet. The rare climate characteristics of rainforests create a perfect habitat capable of sustaining biological life on a grand scale by having a constant temperature of 70 to 80 degrees; along with almost guaranteed daily rainfall ("Rainforest Biomes"). Many species of animals and plants in the rainforests numb...

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...her we can all fight rainforest deforestation through knowledge. Instead of being known as the generation who destroyed the rainforest, we can be the generation who saves it.

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