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The Deer Camp Essay

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Imagine the biggest deer of our life walking in front of us. The thing is so big that at first glance you didn’t even think it was a deer. That is what the Zellmer deer camp is all about. The deer camp was started seven and a half decades ago by my grandfather’s grandfather.
The Zellmer deer camp consists of nine Zellmer’s and one family friend. It consists of myself and my three brothers, my dad, my uncle, and my three cousins along with my cousin’s friend. We have carried this tradition on since 1940 when my grandfather’s grandfather started it. So in other words this tradition has been going on for five generations.
The hunting weekend begins early morning at about four forty – five on the third Friday of November. A few of us get up to take sent free showers. These are just normal showers that use sent free soap. It is supposed to be a secret formula that whisks away the scent of a human and keep the scent away while hunting. The reason for doing this is because deer have an emasculate sense of smell. If a deer smells a hunter or something that it is not supposed to be there they will almost be guaranteed to avoid that area. It is more of a superstition than anything, but most of us do it anyway. We head out to the woods around five fifteen in the morning. The land that we hunt on is twenty-two hundred acres of my grandfathers. The land is in Stephenson and Winnebago counties in Illinois, but all is about ten miles within each other. After sitting until ten we all get out of our stands and go back to my house. In the case that someone shoots a deer we go and field dress and take care of it, but if not my mom has breakfast made for all of us. Breakfast is usually the same every year which is egg casserole. We all fill up on...

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...time someone goes to pull their gun up he is gone in a flash. He has been seen multiple times around the farm yet no one has got a shot in on the big guy and everyone dreams about it.
Sunday morning comes extra early because we all usually stay up a little late. No matter what though we always make it out there to our stands. We sit for the morning until eleven when everything is calm and bedded down. Then we go inside get more chili or what is left and we usually have BBQ. Since we are all packer fans we usually watch them play for a little while also. Following that we head back out to the stand for the final hunt of the weekend.
No matter if we shoot deer or not every Zellmer deer camp is a success because we all get to be together and spend time with the ones we love. It is just a three short day break and then we go again the following Thursday through Sunday.

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