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Decline in Comprehensive Urban Planning Essay example

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The decline in comprehensive urban planning was one of the major assets in determining the capitalist view facing social resistance. This made it difficult for planners considering the number of critiques that persistently argued about the impact of planning. This is because cities have changed; there was no way to hold a consistent plan. The conflict between the central controls needed to perform comprehensive urban planning versus the capitalism in which individual property holders say about of how things are done because of their interests in their property. The increasing power of property holders made it more difficult for planners to take comprehensive approaches. Critiques argue that being able to restructure the urban infrastructure plans would only lead to failure in terms of economic and technological demands. Roughly, there were a lot of individuals that owed their own property and did not want comprehensive planning; therefore capitalism was the cause of the fall of the comprehensive ideal in the urban planning.

Most of the planners were questioned by critiques in regards to the infrastructure ideal, such as, highway, road, airport and rail. Local state employers found that if everyone owned their own property in the city, they will eventually have their own wants and needs. This would explain the evolution into planning on a much smaller scale. This would create problem because it would not keep cities planned, or under no control. Another association with comprehensive urban planning is modern planning that is also discredited by criticisms. During the 1960s and 1980s, it was unable to carry out modern planning because of the alternation of social, economic and cultural aspects. Sandercock indicates that the Chi...

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...instance, let's say you build a system of roads, bridges, water, sewer etc. throughout an entire city. All those factors cost millions in taxpayer funds. If those projects do not attract businesses and increase employment in the city which generates tax revenues, how is the city going to pay off the bonds it sold to pay for the infrastructure? So they decided to target certain areas and projects with specific goals. Edward W. Soja, author of the book, Postmetropolis: critical studies of cities and regions states, “Even in its most progressive forms, urban planning was seem as functioning primarily, if often unintentionally, to serve the basic needs of capital and the capitalist state.” This again goes back to the small-scale infrastructures that are accompanied by planners. To illustrate, Boston Tunnel, is famous infrastructure project known as "The Big Dig".

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