The Death Of The Van Beethoven Essay

The Death Of The Van Beethoven Essay

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For most children days are filled with toys and games. Laughter fills the room as their imaginations run wild. This was not the case for young Ludwig Van Beethoven. From an early age his father pressured him to be a child prodigy like the legend before him, Mozart. His toys would be instruments, and his friends the walls that held the sound of music and tears as he learned to play as his father instructed. Despite a childhood filled with misery and sadness, Beethoven would become one of the most well-known musicians in the world.
Beethoven was born in December of 1770, to a “mediocre court singer better known for his alcoholism than any musical ability”( The boy was forced to practice music all night and day. If his small adolescent hands stuck the wrong note, or paused for a moment, his father would beat him. At least, this was the testimony from people who lived nearby. His father would shut him in the cellar or keep him awake too long so he could practice, and people would hear him crying as he played. Beethoven not only practiced with his father, but took lessons from other musicians around town as well. This practice would prove beneficial, however miserable he was, and would turn him into a prodigy in just under seven years.
In March, 1778, Beethoven performed in his first public recital that was called, “Little son of six years”. Beethoven was actually seven when he performed this recital, but Mozart was six when he first debuted. Later in life he insisted he was born in 1772, and I believe his father told him that from early on, using the title of this recital as a form of “proof” to Beethoven that he was better than Mozart because he started earlier than him. Despite his magnificent performance, t...

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...d to play, since the economy didn’t allow for patronage and private orchestras. Beethoven began this new form of symphony composition, expanding the creativity of future virtuoso’s for generations to come. Beethoven set a standard for musicians that are still in place today. Any musical student wanting to prove their talent would need to master Beethoven’s compositions. Beethoven’s music was so revolutionary and important that it is still used in the twenty-first century to mark important events. A piece of his fifth symphony is played during a baseball game when the bases are loaded. His ninth symphony was used for a joyous occasion during the take down of the Berlin wall, and it’s chorale was used to mark the sadness of September 11, 2001. The immense emotions his works evoke in humans is why he will forever be remembered as the amazing virtuoso that he was.

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