Death Is Inevitable By Emily Dickinson Essay

Death Is Inevitable By Emily Dickinson Essay

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Dylan Thomas and Emily Dickinson: Death is Inevitable
Birth and death are two inevitable life events, which we will all inevitably experience throughout our existence. Each day is indefinite, consequently making the topic of death popular amongst writers. Poets Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas depicted their emotions of death through their literature, and thenceforth shared the idea with their readers. Emily Dickinson wrote #449 in the year 1862, and Dylan Thomas wrote, “Do not Go Gentle into that Goodnight” in 1951. The two poets, Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas, used the opposing themes of death throughout their literature. In Emily Dickinson’s #449, the theme related to death is compared through the juxtaposition of beauty and truth. On the contrary, Thomas compares the theme of living life without regret, and fighting against death by embracing each moment. With the use of varying literary techniques, Thomas and Dickinson allow the reader to open their eyes and see two different ways of living life through opposing themes of death.
The contrasting themes of death are the prominent difference between writers Dickinson and Thomas. For example, Thomas’ poem discusses numerous ways to approach death during old age. Throughout “Do not Go Gentle into that Goodnight”, Thomas urges his readers “Do not go gentle into that good night. /Rage, rage against the dying of the light (18-19). This quotation portrays the cycle of life and death, which is the underlying theme throughout Thomas’ poetry. Thomas presents this theme in regards to his sick father. Because of his father’s illness, death takes a deeply personal meaning for Thomas. Additionally, Thomas urges his readers to envision the idea of death, and to not give up in their eldes...

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...eauty and truth, death is certainly inevitable.
All in all, despite the contrasting themes between “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” and “#449”, the sole commonality between the two pieces is death. Thomas and Dickinson convey their message of death in different ways, allowing the readers to view life in two separate ways. However, they encounter the same ending being their demise. With the death of his father, and the principles of beauty and truth, both are subject to the effects of time. Dickinson acknowledges that those who strive for absolute goodness are defeated by death quickly, therefore, only the good die young. Thomas’s purpose was to convince his sick father to continue his fight, and his effort to fight was everything. We are not promised tomorrow, and with that we must have the ambition to achieve our goals with the time we have.

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