Emily Dickinson Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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1681 words

Dickinson’s poem “Because I could not stop for Death” truly attracted me. Death is inevitable for all human beings. When we were given birth, we started to face death. How to face death is the most difficult class we need to study in our life and most of people are not able to get good grade in that class. In Dickinson’s poem, she gives me a total new view about death: humans are doomed to die, however humanity is able to exist forever. I want to understand her opinions about death and immortality; this can help me have more comprehension about death and lives. In this paper, I want to explain Dickinson’s ideas about death, such as how to face it and how to accept it. I will also compare her idea with other philosophers. It is necessary to …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how dickinson's poem "because i could not stop for death" attracted them. they want to understand her opinions about death and immortality, and compare her ideas with other philosophers.
  • Explains that they expanded the content and finished the analyzation. they also wanted to polish the part of synthesis and valuation.
  • Analyzes emily dickinson's poem "because i could not stop for death" to let readers understand the poem deeper.
  • Explains that the poem has 6 parts, each part has 4 lines, but it still contains rhymes that make the whole poem combined. the capital words are a smart technique, which can lead readers to follow her thinking.
  • Analyzes how dickinson models a different image of death in the first part of the poem.
  • Analyzes how the third section is full of symbolic meanings. dickinson passed by her childhood with death, then went through "fields of gazing grain".
  • Analyzes how dickinson's view of death changed after a warm and enjoyable trip with the death. she realized that mr. death is not traveler, but spectator in her life.
  • Analyzes how dickinson changed the word "pass" to "pause" in the fifth section of the poem.
  • Analyzes how dickinson realized that life is short and windy compared with immortality, thus it is meaningless to focus on the length of human beings' life.
  • Analyzes how dickinson connects philosophical thinking of death and the poem, which breaks the restriction of time and space.
  • Explains the reasons people fear death are the same in essentials while differing in minor points. it is painful when people have to leave their family, lovers and friends forever.

Emily Dickinson describes an unusual and meaningful trip with “Death”. The poem was written around 1863, originally, the poem was not titled. When it was published, Thomas Johnson named it depending on the meaning of the poem. Dickinson did not fond of gaining reputation and money-she even tried to avoid those. She focused on artist creation, for instance writing poems. Therefore, she achieved the extreme high levels in writing. Her poems are vacant and inspiring. She had a deep thinking about the connection of death and immortality in this poem. I am going to analyze the poem on its forms and depths to let the readers understand the poem …show more content…

In this poem, she connects philosophical thinking of death and the poem, which breaks the restriction of time and space. She takes advantage of a large amount of rhetorical devices, for instance, symbolizes and metaphor to express her opinions about the relationship of death, and immortal. She makes efforts to model a different image of death; Mr. Death is not ruthless or relentless anymore. Death is the common and eternal topic in the world; philosophers from all over that word try to find out the truth about the death. There are some similarities between Dickinson’s opinions and Chinese philosophies. Life is short and unstable; however, death is destined and eternal. If we want to have eternity, we cannot pin our hope on the human body because it will die sooner or later. But, human beings’ spirit and humanity which are not controlled by natural laws which can exist forever. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be afraid of death. Treated him like your old friend-accept and welcome

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