The Death Certificate Of Mrs Audrey Rutherford Essay

The Death Certificate Of Mrs Audrey Rutherford Essay

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Conor McKinley noticed the jurors arriving back into their box, each taking their designated seat. However, something got his attention when he observed one obviously straight Juror sitting with a stain of cum on his pants, targeting his asshole.

Then, McKinley looked towards Juror Number Nine’s direction. He had that Cheshire cat grin.

Conor couldn 't believe what he thought; I need more cock in me.

McKinley’s asshole twitched at the thought of that straight Juror getting fucked by Juror Number Nine’s impressive cock.

Lucky, bastard, thought McKinley.

“All rise, Judge Sandoval will continue his proceedings in the matter of Rutherford vs. Kim,” Bailiff Bob spoke with his authoritative tone.

Judge Sandoval faced the courtroom, and spoke directly to the Defense Table, “Did the Defense acquire a translator of Mr Kim?”

Rearin rose and spoke, “No, your Honor. However, my colleague did obtain the Death Certificate of Mrs Audrey Rutherford, which could shed some light on this confusion. It had been sealed by the Coroner 's office.”

Walter nodded yes for Conor McKinley to approach the Judge’s bench with the certified copy.

McKinley stood and strolled over with the certificate in hand, while the Prosecutor simply shrugged and looked backward towards Mr Rutherford.

The Prosecutor asked in a muted tone to Rutherford, “Why are they doing this? Is there anything I should be worried about?”

Mr Rutherford was speechless. Flabbergasted, Stuart realized that his bribe hadn’t worked. The County Coroner had been paid good money to seal this record to avoid any skepticism.

Dammit, Audrey.

Why didn’t to have your procedure? fumed Rutherford to himself.

All Stuart thought was Audrey’s good name being smirched in front of all of the...

... middle of paper ...

...udge’s curiosity.

“That’s fine and well, but I still control these proceedings. And you must obey me. I’m the law and order, here,” Sandoval said as his cockhead ballooned.

Min-jun had to play this right or lose everything.

“You see what Mrs Rutherford’s cock done to my asshole? Her cock was…long, Your Honor,” Min-jun said taunting the Judge.

“Again, I’m sorry for what you’ve endured. The lovely butt of yours was savagely raped by her?” said the Judge.

Min-jun rose and sat on the corner of Sandoval’s desk as he leaned inward.

“No rape,” Min-jun spoke and continued speaking, “I lust cock.”

“Tell me more about Stuart Rutherford?” Sandoval inquired.

“He never touch me, no Mr Rutherford put his cock into that British butler. They make me sick. That Mr Winston is not a good person,” Kim spoke, and continued, “He should be deported back to Great Britain.”


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