`` Dear Future Husband `` By Meghan Trainor Essay

`` Dear Future Husband `` By Meghan Trainor Essay

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Media and communications are a central element of today’s society, yet the thought that media has little to no effect on gender and sexuality shapes how each individual views their own self-identity. Over the years we have witnessed the launch of social media sites, music sites such as YouTube, new genres of music, and other forms of media, that all contribute to the outlook of gender roles and stereotypes. The media contains countless standards based on how the genders should act, look, and feel, that is seems almost ordinary to satisfy these stereotypical demands of society. For example, Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband,” is a catchy song with a 50’s themed video that portrays standards of a feminine woman spoiled by strong, caring and masculine men. Now, it is unusual to catch the issues between the lyrics and video at first glance, but, the controversy shared between the two are quite focused on gender roles, stereotypes, and can even be considered anti-feminist; however, there is the impression that the song is nothing more than an anthem for Trainor’s future husband to know how to sweep the young lady off her feet, and for other men to realize how to do the same with their future spouses.
Media plays an important role in society, especially in today’s world. Conspicuous viewers must be aware of the messages existing in the media, such as gender roles and stereotypes that are shown throughout advertisements, television and films, and music. For example, Tide, a Proctor and Gamble laundry detergent, shares an advertisement of a father who is a stay-at-home dad taking care of his daughter, who loves her princess dress and wears it a majority of the week. In this advertisement the father is not only depicted in a masculin...

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...n he apologizes and buys her nice things, all the while treating her “Like a lady.” Fowler also shares her opinion on Trainor’s definition of treating someone “Like a lady,” when she shares, “I’ve sung the phrase – ‘treat me like a lady’ Fourteen fucking times already/Can somebody tell me what that means? Is it/Different from being treated nicely and like/A person?” Fowler and her companions share the view that Trainor is manipulative and does not understand how her phrases are, in fact, anti-feminist in nature. Lastly, one of Fowler’s last points is, “Dear future husband/I bet you wanna get/Manipulative loving/I trick boys with sex/to be respectful/[Because] they’re not inclined to otherwise/at least that is what I imply,” to again highlight the issue surrounding Trainor’s lyrics and video theme that men need to behave and be rewarded for being respectful to women.

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