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Daydreaming Is A Part Of Life Essays

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    Daydreaming is a part of almost all of people’s lives at some point. Daydreaming can take place anywhere, from the home, school, work, or even when you just happen to be taking a walk. Daydreaming is something that is an immense part of my life. I function much better when I daydream momentarily. Much of the older generation may say that daydreaming isn’t productive, or that it doesn’t get you anywhere, but I believe that daydreaming allows me to be more creative and successful.
    After all of my classes I usually spend the entire time driving home thinking about all of my assignments that need to be done. Thinking about all of these things stresses me out quite a bit, and by the time I get home, I can’t decide which assignment I want to do first. Usually at this point I go up to my room, lay on my bed, and spend the next ten minutes relaxing, and letting my mind wander. After I do this I can immediately decide on what I want to do first, and work more efficiently. For example, when I made it home last Thursday I was thinking about whether I wanted to do writing, biology, or my water planet course homework first. I spent ten minutes trying to decide, and finally went up to my room, and spent the next few minutes daydreaming. When I was more relaxed, and less stressed out I was able to decide that biology was top priority at that time.
    Some people may say that just starting a homework assignment instead of thinking about which one to do first would be more productive and faster. However, I find this to be untrue to myself. When I just start an assignment right when I get home I find that my stress from thinking about everything I have to do seems to still be there. I then cannot think straight, and as a result end up e...

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...g also saves my relationship with my family. I often think about everything I have to do for school, and worry about almost everything. When this happens I become moody and often lash out and the my family lashes back. When this happens, I like to go to my room and spend some time daydreaming. After I do this I’m always in a much better mood. Maintaining a healthy relationship with my family is something that is a necessity for me, and disastrous if it happens to become unhealthy. Daydreaming is one of the things that keeps my relationship with my family positive.
    Daydreaming is a significant part of my life, even though it sometimes distracts me from lectures and classes, I plan to stick at daydreaming. For me, it is a tool that continuously keeps my brain functioning, and remaining sane. When working, this tool keeps me better focused, and increasingly upbeat.

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