Benefits Of Physical Exercise

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When someone talks about physical activity, the first thing that comes to mind is lifting heavy weights, hitting the gym, and doing crazy strenuous activities. Most people think it not important and too involving, not knowing the simple things that was done to make our lives better. Some people dont know what walking a few miles can do for you? the Majority of people have no idea. There are very many benefits in doing the lightest of physical activity. Physical activity can help save your life or someone’s lives in many ways, for example,” lowered high blood pressure, control diabetes. Physical activity is not just about weight . It has more benefits and cannot be ignored. This essay is to informed people of some…show more content…
There are many forms of physical activity, including muscle stretching, aerobic, stretching, and bone stretching. Aerobic exercise is important for the lungs and heart. Some of the aerobic exercises include swimming running, bicycling, dancing, as well as doing jumps. On the other hand, muscle-stretching activities such as push -ups, sit-up, climbing stairs, lifting the weight and doing garden The other benefit of physical exercise is on metabolic health. With regular working out and being more mobile this will help to ensure that some ill condition doesn’t attack your body, regular exceirie will help your body fight offs some of the many chronic disise such is as type 2 diabetes. individual who constantly involve themselves in physical activity lower their chance of controlling hight blood pressur, in our society young and old people, need to be more involved in physical activity its important in promoting their metabolic activity, which is vital in improving their metabolic health. hen calories accumulate in one ‘s they are risk of becoming obese, people with obesity are at more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2. The function of joints, muscles, and bones is offering support…show more content…
It is vital for our health, social, and mental wellbeing, although it looks difficult, there are more simple exercise that one can take part in daily. With exercise, they are able to reduce the risk of some common and dangerous diseases like diabetes type2, cancer, cardiovascular disease, as well as other injuries. Exercises also helps us maintain our body sharp, which promotes, self confidence and helps to improve our social relation with others. After reading all the benefits, why take the chance to not exercise , these benefits are life saving for all people, young and old, I learn that I have to be more mobile with my body, I had a storke less than a year ago ,I have lots of left side weakness , therefore it is very impoetant that I keep exercise my body and minework even digging in the da, could be consider great form of exercise running, rope jumping, and weight lifting. The most basic type of exercise is stretching,many people today is taking yoga classes, these exercise include touching the toes and side to side stretching. These exercises can be done lightly, moderately, or vigorously, but whatever the kind of, it is good for you (heal -gov) The first benefit of physical activity is
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