Dark Matter and Dark Energy Essay

Dark Matter and Dark Energy Essay

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Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark Matter and Dark Energy are important. They can help us know how the universe began. These two are the mysteries of the universe; they compose about 90% of the universe. They are mysteries because we believe that they exist but we can’t see them or detect them. People question whether they manifest to be the same thing. Astronomers know very little about their constitution so they cannot assume they are related.
Dark Energy is a mysterious force that drives the expansion of the universe. Astronomers states that the universe is expanding and the expansion is accelerating, so the unknown anti-gravity force at work is termed dark energy. Dark energy has important consequences for the evolution of the Universe and the structure within it. The astronomer is in a hunt for dark energy but how can we hunt something we don’t know. Astronomers label it dark energy because it's believed to be the force which cause the universe to expand but what is what the cause of the expression is is not energy. I am pointing this out because some theories misled astronomers.
Astronomers are able to specify how much the universe is expanding by measuring this redshift from the spectrum of the supernova. By studying many supernova at different distances, astronomers can piece together a history of the expansion of the Universe. This expansion gave the astronomers the evidence that there is dark energy out there that cause the universe to expand.
Dark Matter is next largest ingredient, which only interacts with the rest of the universe through its gravity. Astronomers believe that the Universe is critically balanced between being open and closed. They derive this fact from the observatio...

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...concept which was used by astronomers and other scientists to comprehend the heavens. Considering the Earth as the core of the world, the celestial sphere is composed of the objects detectible from Earth. When using an Armillary sphere, people can estimate the position of something in the sky’s relation to a viewer on Earth. This model can also be used to show people how the celestial sphere function.
The Armillary sphere is observed as a scientific interest today. These machines can be utilize for some plain astronomical calculations. Many examples can be seen on display in scientific museums which gather old instruments. Some people gather vintage spheres because they see them visually exciting. Armillary spheres are usually works of art in addition to working example; they can differ broadly in size from desktop versions for devices which fill large rooms

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