The Big Cumble

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Will It Crumble, Rip or Freeze?
Scientist have been throwing around ideas and theories as to how the universe will end, or if will even end at all. Several scenarios are up in the air; these scenarios are predicting the possible fate of our universe. A few scenarios among many are The Big Crunch, Big Rip and Big Freeze. No one knows for sure what will happen to the universe, at this point in time we question if we have enough evidence for any of these scenarios to become a solid thought. Another question thrown around is, will the universe ever end?
The first of the scenarios I mentioned is The Big Crunch. The Big Crunch is thought to be a consequence of how the universe was formed in the first place. This theory tells us that the universe’s expansion, due to the big bang, is thought to stop its expansion. The scientists exploring this phenomenon think that it may eventually stop expanding and collapse into itself, pulling everything in with it. This will lead to the transformation of the universe to a huge black hole. Going into further detail, it is said that if the universe has large quantities of dark energy then the expansion of our universe could theoretically continue forever. Another valid point is that if our universe were at a loss of dark energy then gravity would have to eventually stop expanding; leading to contractions of the universe, which will continue until the matter of our universe collapses. This specific phenomenon, The Big Crunch, is looked at as a mirror image, or a reverse effect of the big bang. The theory goes on to say how contraction will slow down while the pace of gravity starts to pick up, causing the temperature to increase. When temperature is increasing the stars will eventually ex...

... middle of paper ... one theory that I agree with, they all have valid points to make and all could be possible. It would take years of research and reading scientific evidence for me to side with one of the hundreds of theories people have thrown out there. Some scientists now are even questioning if the universe is going to end at all. There are so many theories out there; the fate of the universe is debatable, and unknown.
It is clear that we would need further evidence and advances in physics before it will be remotely possible to know the fate of our universe. Scientists now think, and mostly agree with each other that the fate of the universe depends on three main things: the overall shape or geometry of the universe, how much dark energy it contains, and on the “equation of state”; which determines how the density of dark energy responds to the expansion of the universe.
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