Essay on The Dangers Of Using Too Much Social Media

Essay on The Dangers Of Using Too Much Social Media

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The Dangers of Using too Much Social Media
These days’ social media is used widely among Americans. As many as seventy-four percent currently use some form of it, with the majority using Facebook. While most use these sites to catch up with friends and family, there are some who use it to commit crimes on those who over share. Everyday companies are hacked, homes are burglarized, and people bullied because of the status comments left for the public to see.
Everyday millions of friend requests are sent and accepted. Many times those requests are from an old friend, family member, colleague, or even a business acquaintance. With such a large amount of requests a day, many would logically be from individual that has no real connection and are just looking to find a weak point to exploit. In a report that Credit Sesame released, eighty percent of burglars use social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, and google street view to plan and execute robberies.
By posting a simple message on her Facebook page about going to see a band one evening, a woman named Keri McMullen lost over $...

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