Dangers Of Using Cell Phones While Driving Essay

Dangers Of Using Cell Phones While Driving Essay

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Dangers of Using Cell Phones While Driving
Today, many use their cell phones for just about anything and everything including; texting, talking, and connecting with the rest of the world through social media. Cell phones have become a natural way of life to where Americans pick up their phones and use them like second nature. However, the dangers present themselves when many get behind the wheel of their cars and carry the habits of cell phone addictions with them. If all states ban the use of cell phones while driving, then there would be a reduction in the number of fatalities each year.
Texting and driving according to the National Safety Council, is responsible for 1.6 million accidents per year and 11 teen deaths every day according to the Ins. Institute for Highway Safety Administration. Young drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 have admitted to texting or talking on the phone at the time of an accident. While overall, 34 percent admitted to texting while driving and 52 percent admitted to talking on the phone while driving (Marino, 2012). A few seconds is all it takes to end your life or the life of someone else. On the road, Americans hold their lives and the lives of other drivers at risk simply because they are anxious to check Instagram or Facebook to see how many likes their pictures got or what comments their friends have left or to see what plans they have for the night.
Many would agree that they are able to multitask while driving, including; answering calls, checking social media, texting, taking selfies and the list goes on. Although, many have the perception that they are able to multi-task while driving, however the proof is in the statistics. These are tasks that can be addressed...

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...ng them an automated message saying, “Sorry I can’t take your call right now, I’m driving” or an app that parents can be utilized that will cut off teen’s cell phone service while driving. Sprint and AT&T are two of the cell phone providers that offer anti-texting apps (Professional Safety, 2013).
While cell phones are a huge benefit for communication and can make life easier. Americans seem to forget that distracted driving affects the lives of many daily and can be a life or death situation. The verdict is still out on whether there should be stricter laws and more consequences for repeat offenders. If all states ban the use of cell phones while driving, then there would be a reduction in the number of fatalities each year. Keep our roadways safe by just putting down your cell phones down and focus on safer driving.


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