Huntington Disease Essay

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Huntington Disease and its Outcomes Huntington’s disease is named after George Huntington. This disease genetically is an inherited disorder that damages the mind and nervous system. This may affect actions of the body for example like movement, the ability to reason, awareness, and thinking and judgment. It can also affect their behavior. The word genetic is that the disorder is delivered on by each generation of offspring by special codes called genes(Patient.Co.Uk, 2011). Genes are relocated from a parent to offspring and is held to decide some characteristics of the children (Patient.Co.Uk, 2011). This disorder is caused by an inherited flaw on one gene (Mayo Clinic, 2010). Individuals in of western European around 1 in 20,000 are born with a gene that causes this disorder. Huntington’s disease is not as much common in areas such as Asia and Africa (Your Genes Your Health, 2012). People all over the world are affect by HD. HD is another way of saying Huntington’s disease. On Figure 1.0 you can see a person who has been affected with HD. Cause of Huntington’s Disease The cause of this is caused by a defect on chromosome 4. This gene is in control for building proteins called huntingtin. Chromosome is a construction of nucleic acids and protein. It brings genetic information in the form of genes. The defect on the gene defines that specific proteins are required to make brain substances that can’t be prepared in the brain normally. This is also the result to the harm and loss of brain cells and some portions of the brain. Also there a collection of chemical called dopamine. This also causes movement problems. This damage this leads to the symptoms to the disorder known as Huntington’s disease. (Patient.Co.Uk, 2011). This ... ... middle of paper ... ...tington’s disease. This test does not tell when Huntington’s disease will begin or what symptoms will come out first. Some people choose others to take this test because they find it stressful not knowing and others are willingly to take it because they simply just want to know. All these test are only done after discussion with a counselor (Mayo Clinic, 2010). Treatment of Huntington’s disease For this disorder no known cure that is known to man. There are still ways to control symptoms. For example like the use of medications can help control moving problems and treat depression and other problems such as emotional or mental (Your Genes Your Health, 2012). Most people with Huntington’s disease have health care specialists who work with them. Other members can include a professional in the mind, nerve and muscle problems, a psychiatrist and a genetic counselor.
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