Essay on The Dangers Of Drug Abuse And Child Abuse

Essay on The Dangers Of Drug Abuse And Child Abuse

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Two little things can be such a big factor in our lives. Drug abuse and child abuse affects a child 's or teens life not only at the time of drug abuse and or child abuse but for the rest of their lives. The list of the dangers of drugs goes on and on. Drugs not only affects the child’s or teens school work, their body, mind, or their future but also people that surround them such as their friends and families. Drugs aren’t the only threat to our youth. Stranger Danger is affecting daily life of children and teens in even the smallest of towns or the beast neighborhoods, but its not only strangers that are creating these horrible acts of child abduction and sexual abuse. Sometimes it can be someone that the child is very close with or have known your whole life but it can also be someone they have meet on the internet, this can be more harmful than anything.
Drugs may not affect their school work the first time or second time, but time plays a big factor with drugs. In time grades will slip, maybe even get different friends or a new group, and a totally different attitude. But in the beginning there might not be any signs at all. They may not immediately notice the impact that their drug taking is having on their school work, but continuous drug use can prevent them from focusing on their responsibilities, like home work or concentrating in class. Their grades will suffer as a result.
All drugs can harm your body. Weather it be Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription drugs, Marijuana, Painkiller, they all can harm your body long term and or short term. Short term, drugs might seem harmless, but many become dependent and this is where it becomes extremely harmful. Some say drugs make you more creative, this is completely fails. Short...

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... take steps in helping prevent child abduction. Many school districts already offer students instructions in Internet safety, including some schools in Chicago.
Both drugs and strangers are a huge fear in this day in age. They both are very dangerous, one self inflicted the other is not at all. They both harm you mentally and physically and affect your daily life. Children and teens need to be educated in both these areas so we can prevent and protect them. Drugs and strangers aren 't the only harmful thing, its ignorance. Some children and teens are ignorant to the dangers of this world, being ignorant can get you hurt and or ruin your life. Making children and teens knowledgeable is the best way to prevent these problems because the problems in this world will never fully go away but we can do the best we can to prevent and save as many lives as we possibly can.

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