Essay about The Cycle Ending With The Rem Cycle

Essay about The Cycle Ending With The Rem Cycle

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The Process of Dreams
Some desire, while others remember. History, sleep cycle, and nightmares all come together to make the mystical vision called dreams. Did you ever wonder why we dream? Why do we always have that one same dream? A lot of people questioned how dreams relate to their conscious life. Dream interpretation dates back to over one hundred years ago. Some try to remember their dreams, while others may experience de ja vu. A few reasons why people do not recall their dreams, is due to lack of sleep or not getting enough nutrients. In order to get to that point, one must become acquainted with the 4 stages of sleep cycle ending with the REM cycle, which is when you undergo the actual dream process. Dreams can be quite scary at times, leaving you in a panic, shock, and refusing to go back to sleep. Dreams are important to Psychology because it identify psychological functions. Although everyone has dreams, sometimes it’s really hard to recall certain events taken place in your dream.
Dreams have been known in different cultures to solve problems, predict diseases, and even help with war strategies. Romans believed that what passes through the portal of dreams seem to surface the conscious world and conflict trouble. They also believed, depending on the type of food you ate prior to going to sleep, can effect what you dream about. Moving different parts of one’s body may recover from particular illnesses, and find a gateway cure. Although some people had their on perspective on dreams, while others related more with the Greeks and Romans.
Sigmund Freud, an Austria neurologist, once called dreams the “royal road to…the unconscious” (Freud, 1900). He believed that having dreams were a disruptive way to lead into your co...

... middle of paper ... increases, body and muscles become relaxed. In REM stage, arms and legs become paralyzed just to protect the sleeper from sudden jumps or any possible injuries. If paralysis did not occur during dreams, the body would follow the eyes, and would cause harm to the sleeper. In recent studies, content in dreams become more prominent in REM (McNamara, 2014). Most dreams have the sleeper clueless on what exactly happen. Have you ever had the same dream over and over, and wanted to know the meaning of it? Well, that’s where dream interpretation comes in.
Dream interpretation is where you go searching for the meaning of the dream. It helps you put the pieces together to collect a thought. According to Halliday, the accepted meaning of a dream may depend on not only the dream itself, but also the situation of the dreamer and the goals of the interpreter (Halliday, 2010).

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