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Custom Painting Cars Essay

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The first thing you see when you get into the car, and the last thing you see when you get out. Painting cars is an art, from stock to custom paint there is a lot of possibilities and techniques. Something some people don’t pay attention to and some people its the first thing they look at, and some people make their living by painting cars. In this research paper i will talk about painting and certain various types of custom painting techniques. Painting a car is a good way to make it unique and special to you.

When you go to buy a car, whether at a car lot or from someone else you will notice the cars paint job. It may be a solid colour or something a little special and unique. At the surface it may just look like a solid color but in fact there is a lot to do and various steps to make it appear this way. These are some of the ways that you can paint a car. Before a car is painted it needs to be prepped. Prepping happens after it has been primed and painted. Then the car needs wet sanded, buffed, and polished. These are the ways to prep a car.
When you paint a car you need to tac it off. Tacing off a car is when you use a tack rag to go over the panel and the tac rag takes off dirt and anything else that sticks to panel. So that when painted there is nothing under the paint. When you paint you need to keep a consistent speed and distance from the panel, to stop from runs and orange peel. A run is where the paint has been applied to thick and it runs down the panel. Orange peel is when the surface looks like the peel of an orange. Other things that can happen are fish eyes, which is when something on the panel has contaminated the paint and it causes fish eyes on the surface of the panel.
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...Then after primer you need to sand the primer a higher grit usually 320 grit. Then you have to clean it again tac it off and begin base coat. Usually you need two to three base coats. After you spray the base coat you will clear it. Most people clear a car two to three times also but you can make a car look like a mirror and very shiny. This is usually used on lowriders and custom cars. Lowriders often use ghost paint which is when you paint a design over the base coat in almost the exact same color so it is hard to see, that is why its called ghost paint. A very popular paint is when you see one color and then look at the panel at a different angle and you see a different color. As you can see the possibilities with paint are endless. Painting is something that is highly appreciated by art and car lovers. But deappreciated by the common people.. A true art form.

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