Analysis Of The Old Stagecoach By Eastman Johnson

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The Old Stagecoach by Eastman Johnson

The work that I have chosen to talk about was “The Old Stagecoach by Eastman Johnson.” This work would be considered a painting. The images that are shown in the painting are a old stagecoach as the name of the painting suggest. The stagecoach does not have any wheel and so it just sits on the ground. There are also a bunch of children that are portrayed playing inside and on top of the stagecoach. The colors that are used in this painting are all realistic, this is very important because it portrays what a warm summer day would like on a farm. There are a lot of different colors such as bright green grass and bright colors for the clothes that the children are wearing. There a quite a few principles are elements that are used in the painting. One of the first principles that I noticed was the emphasis of the stagecoach. It appears in the center of the image and is definitely the main focus of the image. The children in the image are definitely important to the painting to show how much the they enjoy the stagecoach. There is also a good use of variety in the colors used for what each child is wearing which also brings interest to the painting.
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In my research I found that a lot of “His sentimental genre scenes of rustic youth and rural life were extremely popular in the wake of the Civil War, evoking a nostalgia for simpler times. Images of innocent and carefree children offered promise for a new beginning to a generation troubled by industrialization and decaying urban conditions.” This makes a lot of sense because after wars people always think about how things were before they started. I think that a lot of people would this work the same way that I did. Almost everyone remembers turning a refrigerator or dishwasher box into a spaceship, car or even time machine the possibilities were always

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