Being an Artist

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Imagine a painting of your life, what colors would be there? How would you show the different times in your life? Would you shade the areas where you had a hard time or use lines to show that? Being a artist that never truly finishes their work would be hard. When you are young, your enthused about painting. As you start to get older, all you want to do is visit with friends, so you miss that part of your life. Then you get back on track and work like crazy to make up wasted time. But you think to yourself “Will I ever finish my masterpiece or will it end when I do?” You start out with a blank canvas, nothing on it, but ready to absorb new information. You soak up the paint like a sponge, like a baby soaking in all the information it can. The paint on the brush is your knowledge, and you are waiting for that first piece of information that you can get. The first line would mark that you can walk, as the line grows you begin to talk. As your painting grows, so does your knowledge. Learning more and more everyday. At this point you don't know what is wrong and what is right, you have no clue what you want to paint. As your sitting there you are thinking, then you come up with an idea. You think of trees and grass, of water and sky. You start to see pictures and colors form into a beautiful picture. But what to do next? Should you continue to create a master piece or should you let another person show you? You decide to watch to see what others would do in your position, and you learn from that to start on your own master piece. You begin to learn that a little help does not hurt. Talking with other people and sharing ideas. You let other people criticize your work. You learn different shapes and sizes, colors and shades. Whi... ... middle of paper ... ... in her life. Her painting will be her own and it will show the world what and who she has become. She is you but different, and she will succeed in her own way as you did, with a little push here and there. She will have her own legacy some day to show the world. Grand all the same in her own way. Life is never ending, it goes on even after we are gone. You have multiple stages, different times, the world just evolves. It always changes as do our minds. Painting from a young age to an adult you would be able to see how your style has changed over the years. You could go any where from stick figures to dead on portraits. No one ever stays the same through out their life, and your taste in things change too. Like your favorite color may be pink when you were little, then by the time your sixteen it may be blue. Your life is your legacy so live it up to the fullest.
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