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I’m particularly interested in marriage and family therapy that combines the Biopsychosocial Model (Myers). From what I’ve learned in my psychology courses in college, I feel like in order to best help people in marriage and family therapy you need to have a good approach to an individual, couple or family in order to be successful. Combining Biological, Psychological and Social Therapy is the best way to identify external and internal issues in relationships and approach them with a successful outcome.
In order to get to the root of an unconscious issue I can practice a form of Psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behavior or Cognitive Therapy. For example, with Psychoanalysis I can practice free association, where the client can open up about past events if they’re comfortable enough. I can also assess underlying problems of childhood or adulthood issues and see how it is affecting the individual, marriage or family dynamic with Psychodynamic Therapy. In Humanistic Therapy, Person-centered Therapy is a particular way for a client to self-disclose while I would actively listen. I can also use Behavior Therapy for unwanted behaviors like fears or phobias and apply learning principles with Classical or Operant Conditioning to change a behavior. And finally, I can use Cognitive Therapy to treat negative thoughts and behaviors by changing and adapting negative behavior or thoughts with positive behavior or thoughts. These therapies, used accordingly, bring in a lot of subconscious issues to the table with a client but can benefit them as well by identifying the cause of their issues. (Myers) These are just a few examples of the type of issues that may arrive and how I would handle them. I believe there are many different appro...

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...lems from past relationships that affect all the present and possibly future relationships. It’s important to understand past relationships to point out any trends that can be rectified. Talking about how a relationship could be healthy is important for current or future relationships whether that be parent to child, child to parent or spouse to spouse. (Degenova)

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