Current Business Research Project Paper Synopsis

Current Business Research Project Paper Synopsis

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Current Business Research Project Paper Synopsis


This assignment was designed to address several subjects related to an article of the student's choosing. The subjects discussed in this synopsis answer the definition of the business research article reviewed, the article's research purpose, the business problem investigated, data collection methods used in the research, and the researchers' conclusions. The article chosen from the University of Phoenix library is entitled, "International Reality of Internet Use as Marketing Tool".

Business Research Definition

The business research definition analyzes how the internet affects companies' infrastructures. The article describes how and why the internet raised the bar for companies, who strategically desire to achieve and exceed competitive advantage.

Business Research Purpose

The research analyzed the importance of the internet as a marketing tool in the U.S., Europe and Asia to determine (1) what factors inherent in the internet result in marketing success, (2) how the potentialities of the internet as a marketing tool affects efficiency and impacts business, (3) establishment of a "theoretical set of reference for the accounting of the results achieved with internet presence" (Tiago, Couto, Natario & Braga, 2007, Hypotheses section, para. 2), and (4) enhance current knowledge regarding the "types of company activities that use the internet as a fundamental component of the business" (Tiago, Couto, Natario & Braga, 2007, Abstract headnote section, para. 1).

The Business Problem under Investigation

The business problems include (1) "understanding...the changes" occurring "on managerial and marketing practices...under an organizational pers...

... middle of paper ...

... Couto, J., Natario, M., Braga, A. (2007). International Reality of Internet Use as a Marketing Tool. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 11(1), 138-144. Retrieved April 11, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global Database. (Document ID: 1186428261) at:

Villeneuve, P. (2002). Analysis of Variance. Encyclopedia of Public Health (Breslow, E.). New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 1, 58-59. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from University of Phoenix Library at: Library/library.aspx?bc=1.

Wishart, D. (2005). K-means Analysis, Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science (Brian, E., Everitt, S., Howell, D.). West Sussex, England: Wiley, 2, 1017-1022. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from University of Phoenix Library at:

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