Cupcake Dracula in Our Kitchen Essay

Cupcake Dracula in Our Kitchen Essay

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Mom! Mom!- Sara shouted when she arrived home from school. She seem exited for something. Her mom went to the living room to receive her. She noticed Sara was wearing a new coat. It was a furry white jacket, it perfectly matched with her bright blue eyes, her blond straight hair, her really white skin and her pink lips that looked like two rose petals. She looked like a princes. -Oh! you have a new jacket!- said her mom. –It is really pretty! So tell me Sara, why are you so exited?-. –Mom, we are having a Halloween party tomorrow night in the grand salon! And guess what! You and I are making a lot of Halloween Cupcakes!- she said exited to her mom. She always went to her mom when it was about cupcakes, she was an expert making them and they enjoy this time together. Her mom was Lilly O’Donnell, but called Mrs. Valentine. Sara’s dad; Mr. Valentine lived in Perth because of his work, he only went to Brisbane two times a year for vacations. Now going back to what we were in, Sara went to the supermarket and bought what they needed. As soon as they got home they started making the cupcakes. They prepared Vanilla cupcakes filled with cherry syrup and decorated in many different ways; Zombies, ghosts, bats, vampires, witches and many others related to this theme. They had a lot of fun doing them while watching scary Halloween movies. After a lot of work they were finished. It was already October 31, not only Halloween Day, but also it was Sara’s birthday! –Oh, my golden child! You are 15 now! Happy birthday!- Mrs. Valentine said to Sara while giving her a huge hug. They were both tired so they went to sleep. They have eaten a lot of candy during the night, but they were happy and ready for the party that night.

Sara was exited ...

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...m and she was not there. It was 8:00 am, maybe she went earlier that morning to work. She stared at the mirror and saw. ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY SARA’ written in red lipstick. she thought it was strange. Why would her mom do that?
She was about to take a picture of it when… -crack!!- something crunched really loud making her drop her phone. She picked up the phone and looked around. She slowly walked towards the door when… -HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR SPOOKY WITHCH!!!- Her mother, father and boyfriend entered suddenly shouting with a Halloween birthday cake for her. She had the most terrifying scare she ever had. Then they all laugh about it. She was happy to see her dad, her mom and boyfriend that morning. She told them about the strange dream she had and everyone enjoy it. At night time they all got ready and went to the Halloween party and eat a lot of Spooky cupcakes!

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