Cunning, Intelligent, and Ruthless Warrior, Geronimo Essay example

Cunning, Intelligent, and Ruthless Warrior, Geronimo Essay example

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Geronimo acquired a reputation in the American history, as a renegade fighting and clinging for his freedom even though many of his tribes gave up. His story was known by all Native Americans, as he stuck fear on the white settlers living in their territories through bloody raids. The American troops respected him for his courage and ferocity in battle that they shouted and chanted his name as a battle cry to motivate their troops (Geronimo Westward). Geronimo is one of the most famous warrior in the U.S. history and is acknowledged by the world for his bravery and leadership by leading attacks against the U.S. and Mexican troops.
Born in June, 1829 in Arizona, Geronimo’s real name was Goyathlay and was a member of the Apache Chiricahua band. “Goyathlay's grandfather was the chief of a Chiricahua Apache tribe: Goyathlay's father was not a chief because he had joined his wife's tribe of Bedonkohe Apache, thereby losing his right to rule by heredity.” (Geronimo Westward). At the age of 17, he was allowed to fight and marry . “In 1856, a band of Mexican soldiers murdered his mother, wife, and children at Janos, Chihuahua.” (Fredriksen). This made him angry and wanted revenge for his family. Geronimo's children had a hard life to live. The Mexicans and the American troops capture them, and sometimes kill them, which shows that his family is not safe and shows that he is a dangerous threat towards the troops.
Geronimo was known for his cunning, intelligence and ruthlessness in battle. He showed no mercy on the Mexican and U.S. troops. He had the ability to disappear into deserts, which caused irritation and frustration on the troops who were following him. He also had the ability to hear spirits and the spirits spo...

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...e deeds of my people” (Geronimo Geronimo). Geronimo was sent to Fort Pickens, Florida where he was sent for hard labor for 2 years, and was not allowed to see his family, which was a violation towards the treaty.
When the Apaches were sent to Florida, the climate was not in their favor. Many died by tuberculosis and other diseases. They begged to return back to their homeland but no answer came from the government. After hearing the pleas from the Apaches, the Kiowa and Comanches, who were both former Apache enemies, invited to live with them, which showed care for each other even if they are enemies. Geronimo adapted well to his living, he took up farming and also converted to Christian. He was never allowed to come back to Arizona and lived as a prisoner for 27 years, until he died of pneumonia at Oklahoma on February 17, 1909, symbolizing his fight for freedom.

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