Essay about Culture and Communication in Israel

Essay about Culture and Communication in Israel

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Israel, a country said to be touched by the very presence of god himself, has become an ultimately diverse nation of its own throughout time. With immigrants coming into the country from all over the world, The Holy Land has undergone the implementation of a wide range of cultures. This eventually led to the integration of a mixture of religions, traditions, values, and beliefs. Although, most significantly, the widespread cultural demographic has resulted in the country’s development of diversified communication patterns as well. Israel is home to two dominant cultures, the Jewish culture and the Arab culture. It is through these two which Israelis identify themselves the most with. The Jewish and Arab contributions to the great Israeli culture have allowed for the development of both, verbal and non-verbal communication patterns of the country as a whole. Research has shown that culture is deeply influenced by communication just as well as communication is created through culture. In other words, Rob Horner’s research study states that, “…‘culture’ reflects the collection of common verbal and overt behaviors that are learned and maintained by a set of similar social and environmental contingencies’…” Various studies hold proof that Israeli’s verbal and non-verbal communication patterns are two all-encompassing matters broken down into subcategories that make up the complexity of its nation, such as the political, historical, and religious aspects of this largely communicative culture.
In reference to the first point, politics has, without doubt, taken a big toll on the communicative ways of the Israeli for the fact that they consider themselves a Zionist culture, a movement that’s become a complex and quite difficult lifestyle f...

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