Culture affects Domestic Violence Essay

Culture affects Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence is the act of violence or abuse against a person living in one’s household, especially a member of one’s immediate family ( I believe that domestic violence is affected by culture. In many communities, domestic violence is not a big topic, but to many women in different cultures; it is an event many women deal with everyday. Domestic violence is more common in other cultures and culture can affect women’s rights. Throughout many cultures around the world, domestic violence is present among their communities, and even the domestic violence rate in America is higher than other cultures that have respect for women’s rights, such as Spain. In foreign cultures there is a higher domestic violence rate, such as the Philippines.
Culture to me is the way a person acts based on the beliefs that have been taught to a person by their family while growing up. People’s actions today are based on how they were raised. The culture in the Philippines is very different then the culture in America. Women in the Philippine culture are treated very different from the American cultures. The domestic violence rate in the Philippines is becoming a serious problem throughout the country (U.S. Department of State). Many men in the Philippines feel as if their wives have no say over anything that goes on in the household. Many men in the Philippines feel they are beholden to control their wives. Women have a stereotype that they are to be inferior to the men in the culture. In the culture this is what many men think is acceptable in society. This is a leading cause of domestic violence. Some men say that it will never happen again, but abuse is more likely to occur after it has happened one time before. Women who are in v...

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