Cultural Values And Their Influence On Our Society Essay

Cultural Values And Their Influence On Our Society Essay

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Who am I? Where do I come from? These are repetitive questions that we ask ourselves or others in the process of finding our individuality. As a human being we all show signs of separation in our inner circle, and as time goes by we generate a self-concept about us and others. My cultural background explains a lot of who I am as person. My beliefs and morals are constructed by cultural values and will eventually remain my entire life. No one is free from cultural influence. Our background and upbringing plays a vital role when it comes to the realization of discovering our identity. My identity wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for my cultural and the values I have acquire along the way.

The perception I have of certain things; exist because of the way my parents decide to raised me. Culturally speaking my parents taught my siblings and I what is acceptable and what’s is not in our culture and consequently I will embrace the same morals and teachings and pass them down to my children. Cultural perceptions are generational standard that we pass down to our relatives consciously or unconsciously. I was born and partly raised in the Dominican Republic and although I don’t live there no more, it unquestionably part of me, I assimilate my cultural tradition into my daily life. We are all different and consequentially we were raise differently and that is exactly what sets us apart from others, which signified uniqueness and diversity. My Family is Christian and we believe in God the father, God the son and the holy ghost; the holy trinity. And by we I mean my sisters and I, my immediate family is composed of four children including me and my parents. Although my family believes in God not all of them are Christian. They attend to churc...

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...g those hard moments my faith in God was shaken, because of all the transition I have gone through in just a few months. Nevertheless, the reason why I serve the Lord and why I am still standing until this point; is because of God first and then my grandmother. She would keep me in her prayers and will always give me word of encouragement. She will always say “for our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding eternal weigh of glory”. Citing in verse in bible 2 Corinthians 4:17. I will think of that verse and will automatically give me peace, knowing that momentary affliction won’t last forever. I has seen the work that God has done in me that is why I have consecrated my life to obey and trust him, yet others may not understand, but until you have an encounter with God you won’t be able to comprehended his love for humanity.

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