Essay on The Cultural Diversity Of The World

Essay on The Cultural Diversity Of The World

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Because of the cultural diversity in the world, anthropologist see a vast difference in human customs around the global. One of these customs would be the idea of sexuality and kinship. Different culture practice different things such as sex and the ideas of family vary.
Humans as a whole are creature of nature. Although we do not think of ourselves in an animalistic way, we do tend to react on instinct. This can be scene when are trying to find a partner. An example of this is after we spend sometime with our potential partner. The two will synch up their body movements. Take for example if a man was to cross his legs, the woman will subcontensley cross her legs as well.
Another example is when humans flirt. Women in the amazon have a very distinct way of getting a male to acknowledge her flirting. FIrst, she gives him a smile and moves her elbows in a swift motion. Then she will look away, giggle nervously, and occasionally hide her face. For men, it 's all about showing dominance. Men tend to puff out their chest in an attempt to look bigger. This is seen throughout the entire animal kingdom. Take for instance a lobster. They will go up on their hind legs to try and make themselves appear bigger. Or a pigeon will swell up its body. The main goal being to appear bigger in a display to show off their dominance.
Some people in part of the world use their body odor to try and grab the attention of a potential partner. In Greece, men will carry a handkerchief of some sort under their armpits. When the man see’s a potential conquest he will pull out the handkerchief and give it the the woman of his choice. According to the record books, this method is very successful.
The Dowayos are a very sex positive oriented group. They all...

... middle of paper ... a different village. The wife will leave her home to go live with them. The eldest brother will most likely have the more dominant, but all the brothers will share in sexual encounter with their bride. When a child is reared they will not try and figure out who its father is. As far as they are considered the child is all of theres. This occurs in Tibet.
Personally I think this can be related to cultural realism. The idea of having multiple wives or husband is very weird to us here in the US because as I stated above, we generally have one bride or husband. But when you get a better look at the situation it makes sense in a way, this will ensure that the family sticks together. All and all there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to sexuality and kinship. It is all going to vary based on the location you are in and they way you are brought up in this world.

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