Cuban Revolution And The American Revolution Essay

Cuban Revolution And The American Revolution Essay

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In the 1960s we were informed of the lethality of cigars. Not through scientific data or doctors warnings, but through their use as an assassination device used against Fidel Castro. The actions the U.S. took in the early 60s to reverse the rising tide of communism veered on desperate as they tried to stop, what was thought to be the largest threat to democracy around the world. This threat to democracy and freedom, and the battle between the U.S. and Cuba is shown in the novel Dreaming in Cuban. I will analyze this divide through the family’s interactions with the revolution and how it represents a microcosm of the revolution, Celia, Lourdes, and Pilar’s role in the representation of the revolution, and how historical events shaped the family’s trajectory. The Cuban Revolution was a large, complex array of plans, organizations, and operations, by viewing it in a smaller size I will show you how each element affected the results of the Revolution that we are living with today.
Celia, the matriarch of the family, and her daughter Lourdes represent a microcosm of the United State’s conflict with Cuba. This conflict arises because Celia decides to take a more active role in the revolution by becoming a judge, and leveraging her position as a judge to increase the influence of the Fidel regime and the revolution. The Fidel regime is the bane of Lourdes existence, and represents what she resents most about Cuba; the officers of the regime targeted Lourdes, acted upon her with violence, and caused great distress. As a judge, Celia is standing up for the revolution, and in effect, defending the crimes committed against Lourdes. Celia, the pro-Cuban character represents Cuba, and Lourdes the US. The Cubans are defending everything that ...

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...andmother. While Pilar may be pro-revolutionary like her grandmother, this stems more from the desire to rebel against her own mother rather than true feelings one way or another. I will analyze how Pilar’s experiences define this world view. We begin with her birth, occurring on the same day as her grandmother, there is a connection from birth. Pilar is also born into the revolution, she does not remember a Cuba without the revolution, because she was barely alive before it took place. These two features create a sense of “Revolution Identity”, Pilar was born into a revolutionary Cuba, her identity is with the revolutionary mind set, and the mind set of her grandmother, the birthdate sharing with her grandmother cements the pro-revolutionary mindset. Now even though Pilar shares the beliefs of her grandmother, the events that affected Lourdes similarly affect Pilar.

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