Crossing Paths With A Mountain Lion Essay

Crossing Paths With A Mountain Lion Essay

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Triston Thompson

Crossing paths with a mountain lion really changed my perception of how dangerous the wilderness was. I was wearing my black and red striped sweater that had a little hole under my left armpit with my charcoal black sweats that barely covered my ankles due to the shortness in length and wearing my favorite black and white sketchers which were ripped by the toes so, I was able to stick my big toe out of my show. I was walking around the edge of my grandparents ten acre property at around noon because the world around me was really bright, with every step I took crunched due to the deepness of the pale white ice which covered the floor about four inches deep.
As I walked around with a crunch after every foot step I soon found myself frozen solid gazing about twenty feet in front of me. I saw this caramel feline with fur slightly frosted and frozen while walking around. I have no idea why he was walking around at the very edge of the property; I thought that maybe it was hungry and just looking for but then I saw something that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There was a gooey red substance dripping from the mouth of the cat dropping on to the crystalized surface beneath it.
I had noticed that I had completely focused all my attention on to that beast and it seemed that I and it were the only beings in the entire world. All around me went black and I could not see anything except for the lion.
A type of fear had taken ahold of my entire body; it was something that I had never experienced before and I was not able to do anything except stand there and pray that it would not notice that I was there. I swallowed the saliva that had built up in my mouth because I did not want to be noticed. I ...

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...lored blanket I realized that I can across a beautiful yet deadly beast.
My grandma came into the room and gave me a big hug because she thought that I wondered off of the property into one of the neighbor’s property and had got lost in the woods. I did not tell my grandma what I saw because I thought that if I told her then I would not be able to go outside again. She had asked me why I was laying in the snow with my eyes closed and I told her that I saw going to make a snow angel but got tired from walking around. She said that I had only been gone for maybe ten minutes and I smiled and said yes.
This had changed my perception of nature because I thought that all animals were nice and I did not think that I could be hurt by any of them. Seeing that cat with that red gooey stuff running from its mouth showed me that nature could hurt me if I was not careful.

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