The Cross Fertilization Of Cultures And The Resultig New Development Essay

The Cross Fertilization Of Cultures And The Resultig New Development Essay

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Destiny Debroy
World Civilization
Dr. Brown

In India and World Civilizations by D.P. Singhal, the theme is “the cross-fertilization of cultures and the resultig new development” (Embree 451). The author uses artifacts from Mohejodaro and Yucatan, theories of Parmenides, and the revenue system of Ptolemaic Egypt (Embree 451). Singhal discusses the Hellenistic world and the Roman Empire and how it influenced artistic creativity in India. Singhal rejects the idea of Hellenistic and Roman art having any influence on Indian art. Despite having easy access to Christian sources, there isn’t any evidence of India being influenced by Christian thought, according to Singhal.
The article mainly discusses the civilization of India and how it evolved over time. It talks about the religious influences of India. The first chapter discusses the evolution of ideas in Indian civilization. The author mentions the Hellinistic ideas of Indian civilization and how Greece influenced some of India’s cultural ideas. There is another chapter in the article that discusses India’s scientific ideas. The author of the article also stresses the fact that India was more than willing to adapt to new ideas. The author says, “Indian civilization is characterized by its ability to adapt to alien ideas, harmonize contradictions and mold new thought patterns” (Embree 451). The article mentions that the last four chapters focus on India and its interaction of Islam and Hinduism and the impact that the west had on India.
The conclusion that the author of the journal reaches is that Singhal provides a good reference on Indian civilization, but there is further discussion and research that needs to be added.
The article relates to the material that we d...

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...e learned about the scientific, religious, cultural, and technical contributions of each civilization. The Venture of Islam is mainly about Islam as a religion and how it influenced other civilizations and cultures. In class, we discussed the fact that the Islam faith was strictly monotheistic, followed a set of rules known as “the five pillars,” and Muhammad was the founder of Islam. We also learned that the Islam faith had a scripture known as the Quran and devoted Muslims read from the Quran everyday and followed the teachings of the Quran.

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