Critical Response : ' I Feel Like # 2 Essay

Critical Response : ' I Feel Like # 2 Essay

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Critical Response: Given the three possible responses from the book, I feel like #2 is the most ethical of the three. However, I feel like all three aren’t satisfactory ways to treat this situation. I will analyze them one by one, then give my opinion of what the salesperson should do.
1. I felt that this response was the least ethical. Firstly, the salesperson would have taken advantage of the customer for personal gain. Secondly, a salesperson should not assume anything about the customer. If a salesperson were to assume anything, it should be through analysis of the customer’s needs. Even then it shouldn’t be an assumption, but an educated decision.
2. The reason I thought this was the most ethical possibility was because it included sending the customer to another place for the possibility of having a satisfied customer. Even in this response the salesperson makes an assumption of the customer’s needs and wants. If the customer decides that she doesn’t need all the extra gadgets, then this would be my choice out of the three choices.
3. Number three seems like a good choice, but once I looked a little closer it seemed liked a less ethical choice. This included telling the customer that she needed to make the choice herself. This is the purpose of the salesperson, to let the customer choose without too much pressure. I noticed that the salesperson told the customer that the car wasn’t in stock…when it actually was. The scenario included two cars in front of Linda’s office. Telling the customer that the cheaper car was out of stock, perhaps in hopes that the customer would just pay the extra money to get the car sooner.
4. If I were the salesperson I would have the customer come down to the dealership, and show her the how the g...

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...cutting edge of technology.
F. Feature. The physical attribute describing the taste of the product.
G. Benefit. The customer will be more efficient in terms of time, work and money. All are favorable results.
H. Feature. I felt like being approved by the Underwriters Laboratories best fit under a term of the product.
I. Benefit. The customer will be buying a product that increases gas mileage, and adding a favorable result.
J. Feature. An ingredient is a physical characteristic.
K. Feature. The goods are fresh every day, thus the quality of the goods is described.
L. Benefit. The customer has peace of mind for one year concerning parts and labor.
M. Feature. Describes the way that the product can be packaged.
N. Advantage. The buyer can increase their sales by 10% if they buy this product.
O. Benefit. You will have more meal options to choose from and to enjoy.

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