Criminal Justice : Nothing Cuts Deeper Essay

Criminal Justice : Nothing Cuts Deeper Essay

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Policing Process

Reaction to Criminal Justice: Nothing Cuts Deeper
In the film, "Criminal Justice: Nothing Cuts Deeper" a young girl, Denise Moore, is robbed and slashed across the face by an unknown assailant. After the altercation, Denise Moore identifies her attacker to be Jesse Williams. The film portrays the entire process of the criminal justice system.
Denise Moore 's criminal report starts the investigation. A police investigation of a crime is the entryway into the criminal justice system, once Denise Moore reported the crime, Detective Riley and Detective Clay conducted a photo lineup, an investigative tool used when the suspect is unknown and not in custody, to identify the suspect (Burns, 194).
Once Denise Moore identified Jesse Williams through the photo lineups, the Detectives approached Jesse Williams asking him to come down to the station to answer questions. They stated that he was not under arrest and had the choice of whether or not he wanted to go to the precinct, however, Jesse Williams stated that he felt as though he had no choice in the matter, and as a viewer I shared the same sentiments with Jesse, the reason being, Detective Riley told him that he wasn’t under arrest, however, when Jesse stated that he wanted to drop a few things upstairs, Detective Riley felt it necessary to accompany Jesse Williams. Also from a viewers standpoint, the detectives had already determined that Jesse wasn’t innocent before they approached him.
The film does an excellent job portraying the difference between an interview and interrogation. According to Burns, an interview is conducted in order to gather information about the case, and an interrogation is conducted with the person of interest or suspect in order to...

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...I believe that without physical evidence an individual could not be prosecuted or charged. In the film, the officers, despite not having proof, and knowing that their only witness was lying and was an addict as well, they continued to pursue to charge Jesse Williams.
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