Criminal Justice : A Legal Framework Essay

Criminal Justice : A Legal Framework Essay

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Criminal Justice is a legal framework incorporating the applications of the law with various governmental entities to ensure lawful policies and procedures are adhered to and impose a penalty when such laws are violated. The scope of the Criminal Justice System is separated into three branches: Legislative (laws and statutes), Adjudication (courts), and Corrections (jails, prisons, parole and probation).
The field of Criminal Justice is broad and depending on the area of concentration there are various career paths that can be explored. Such careers include: Corrections, Law Enforcement, Probations and Parole, Homeland Security, and Juvenile Justice. There is even the option of becoming a Magistrate or Paralegal.
The duties of these professions are as followed:
Corrections: The primary role is to supervise inmates and maintain inmate custody. This is achieved by working in the prison, jail, and court room setting. It also requires officers to transport offenders under strict and closely monitored procedures.
Law Enforcement: Also called Police Officers. Police Officer perform a variety of public servant duties. They are “enforcers” of a city, town, or municipality’s laws, statues and ordinances. They detain and arrest violators of these laws. Police Officers issue summonses, regulate traffic, report writing, perform routine investigations and respond to routine and emergency calls by citizens.
Probations and Parole: Probations and Parole Officers monitor post-release offenders who have been granted freedom by the courts to complete the balance of their sentences in a “real world” setting contingent upon them remaining infraction free and abiding by post-release conditions set forth by the courts. These conditions are monitor...

... middle of paper ... located in the city where I once resided.
Lastly, Professor Janie Slaughter. Although I personally have not had Professor Slaughter or Janie as she likes to be referred to, as an instructor, several people I know have and all have been expressed by her proactive involvement and assistance in helping her students secure employment upon graduation. Janie’s involvement and knowledge of Law Enforcement has been recognized statewide and her presence in surrounding jurisdictions is evident. It’s great to have a professor who lives what they teach but it’s even better to have a professor who demonstrates genuine concerned with her student’s success by opening career paths to give them a start.
The following are links to Dr. Jessica Davis-Ganoa, Art Beeler and Janie Slaughter Vita/Resumes. They are very lengthy and would have taken several pages if attached to the paper.

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