Crime Reduction Plan For New York City Essay

Crime Reduction Plan For New York City Essay

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In the early 1990’s the crime rate in New York City was astronomical. Every category including the eight nature index crimes were all on the rise if not extremely high already. Mayor Giuliani a former federal United States prosecutor was elected into office and brought with him a reputation of viciousness against crime. His campaigns lead to the appointment of Commissioner William Joseph Bratton to hold the position of police commissioner of New York City. Giuliani learnt of Bratton’s amazing crime reduction plan that helped reduce crime in two other cities. He requested him for the position as police commissioner for New York City and was appointed in 1990. Bratton had previously helped establish an innovative policing program in Boston Back Bay neighborhood and Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. Using the same approach he would attempt to reorganize and help the New York Police Department (NYPD) organization. Mayor Giuliani and police commissioner Bratton started a campaign against crime with the implementation of community policing in an effort to curtail the increase of both violent and non violent crimes in New York City. developing power to the appropriate level, and a sure psychological touch.
In an effort to track the amount of crime being committed within a geographical location known as precinct boundaries, the commissioner introduced a system known as Compstat (COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics). This system was used for the purpose for tracking the spikes in specific parts of the city. It put emphasis on aggressive policing, thus reduce the crime rate spike in precise locations.
The New York City Police Department (NYPD) was established in 1845. According to Alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General in Law En...

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...etings will be held and come to a mutual agreement amongst all members of the precinct and the people who represent the community and lastly, the fourth stage, the implementation phase during which the plans are put into practice is when the meetings will be held and the police officers can discuss and talk to the citizens.
Bermans community based planning approach has proved to work effectively in a study done by the University of Florida. In the book entitled The American Review on Public Administration (1996) by Berman examined the use of community-based shared leadership strategies which focused on the role of local government in four aspects of community-based planning and implementation, the study found that local governments are driving forces for community-based strategies, as are requirements by higher governments and a variety of local events and conditions.

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