Crime Is The Product Of Unbalanced Power Relations Essay

Crime Is The Product Of Unbalanced Power Relations Essay

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The position of authorities with its values and norms will tolerate only the same or similar cultures because it is matter of preserving power. Presdee (2004, p. 276) argues that crime is the product of imbalanced power relations when subjects compete in the activities during a social reaction. By pushing forward cultural agenda in hidden competition between majority and minority of population can also reveal tensions in society. Different subcultures are criticized for not obeying traditional values and creating alternative beliefs. Competition between cultures often gives doubt what is unusual behaviour and criminal behaviour and what behaviour is acceptable and what is not criminal behaviour. The legislation with its institutions is used by established culture to eliminate unwanted conduct along with keeping an influence over social life. Then, it is defined how to act in social life or what is desirable to see.
Hayward and Young (2004, pp. 263-264) propose 5 notions of approach to crime in cultural criminology. Authors start with the lens of adrenaline with two themes, the first theme is rational choice theory when there is opportunity as individuals calculate to commit crime because the society has always the certain level of social injustice. The second theme is positivism when crime happens because there is a need to fight with structural inequality with the result of unemployment or community is not performing well. Both are influential sociological theories to explain causes of crime. However, cultural criminologists rather look on the adrenaline as a driving force for a criminal to commit crime that wants to escape from a daily routine of life. Ferrel (1996, p.148) participated in graffiti writing in Denver and he poi...

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...defines independently what is crime and what is not. Thus, legislation and its criminal bodies should be innovated and not specific criminal behaviour that are defined in legislation. O 'Brien (2005, p. 600-605) argues that there is no clear definition from cultural criminologists what creates culture, what are criteria and how to study culture, but overall cultural criminological theme is concentrated on culture that cause anti-social behaviour. Despite having some little defects in cultural criminology as in other subdivisions of criminology, its contribution to criminological field is significant to understand the cause of criminal behaviour because it offers the remarkable view from the different perspective. Cultural criminology is recently developed field that needs more time to firmly settle down and prove that it is equal and useful along with other branches.

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