Creative Writing: The End of Humanity Essay

Creative Writing: The End of Humanity Essay

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Sunday, December 8th, was the day it all started. Some might call it a catastrophe, some call it The End of Humanity, but I, Eli, call it an experience; even if it is evidently more extreme. Caused by a scientist’s mistake, humankind was at serious risk of extinction. What is this life-changing event? It is something so hysterically implausible that I thought I was merely living in a dream. It is the Zombie Apocalypse of 2014, and here is my story:
Today was the third day the zombies have been here, yet I still cannot acknowledge their existence, it seems so unreal. ¼ of the world has already died, or technically, infected and are transitioned into horrible, foul-looking creatures. They haven’t arrived at Atlanta yet, where I live, but are very close. My parents don’t plan on an attempt to safety, or taking any precautions. Like the pessimists they are, they expect the worst out of this supernatural situation. The T.V. isn’t helping at all either, besides reminding us that we are going to die very soon. There is a one minute video on write now, some guy was taking a video on his phone and it’s being broadcasted.
The creatures were ugly looking, vomit-green, saliva dripping out of their mouth, dark, black circles under their eyes, making hissing noises at the man taking the video (imagery). Suddenly, the camera went black, not before I saw a green hand reach out for him. I guess he didn’t survive then. I felt bad for the man. I guess my death is coming soon as well. I feel calm, ready for my decease, indifferent. The zombies are predicted to arrive in Atlanta in a day or two. There is officially no hope in civilization. I picked up the remote, ready to change the channel. The door suddenly came crashing down. Then, chaos.

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...ddenly saw me and grabbed the gun and shot the zombie. I ran up to him, grateful and happy.
“Thank you so much, really, thank you.” I smiled at him.
“You’re very welcome.” He smiled back at me.
I suddenly collapsed, my ear was stinging. I touched it. It was a bite. No, this can’t be. I didn’t feel anything at all. Kolton stared at me, fear in his eyes. My pulse was speeding. My hand was turning greenish-yellow, my nails grew, saliva was beginning to drip grossly, my hair was partly falling out slowly, my vision was blurring, my body was getting stronger, and my body was vibrating (imagery). I was sitting at Kolton’s feet. I looked up, I was staring in horror. I need to do the right thing, if I complete my transition, I’ll turn him into a zombie.
“SHOOT ME, NOW!” I yelled.”
“What? No!!”
“NOW!” I shouted louder.
The last thing I heard was a bullet shot.

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