Creative Writing: Magic Shop Conundrum Essay

Creative Writing: Magic Shop Conundrum Essay

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Tucker was a boy of 13 with the looks of a commercial kid. His shaggy blonde hair and sea green eyes made him the center of attention wherever he went, and of course he loved it. One day while riding his bike he saw a magic shop which caught his attention. He stopped in front of the window which was dark and a little dusty, the sign above flashed bright neon red “open” he read. The sign on the door read:
Mr. Pirellis Magic Emporium
Store Hours: Magic never rests
open 24/7 to those in magical need
As he pushed the door open a bell somewhere in the store chimed announcing his presence. The store itself was dark and musty and smelled a little of old Chinese food. Tucker began to look around. On one wall was an assortment of hats. Some were small with short tops and wide brims; others were tall with tiny brims. They had orange hats, red, hats, the traditional black ones. “It’s like a rainbow made of hats” he thought to himself. Moving to the other side of the store he saw an assortment of items you would see in a magic show; card decks of plenty, an assortment of wands, bunches of flowers, and an assortment of handkerchiefs. A few rubber chickens hung from the wall. What caught Tuckers attention, however, was a black compressible top hat which sat unattended on the counter. A wicked urge to have that hat took him over. He swiped the top hat and shoved it in his backpack in a split second. Looking around one last time he began to make his way for the door when an old man of wizardly looks appeared from behind a beaded curtain. “Well hello there! Fellow magic lover are you?” he said with a voice of valid curiosity.
“Yeah a little...” Tucker replied hesitantly “I mean I know a few tricks” he looked around taking in the old looks of th...

... middle of paper ... I...I came to return something”
“Oh really?” said a voice from out of the dark “Hats giving you so much trouble already?” The lights flicked on illuminating the shop with light. Standing by the counter was the shop keeper.
“I’m glad you brought her back” he said smiling at Tucker.
“Her? I just brought your hat back. I stole it yesterday and it was doing some really crazy things mister” Tucker said pulling the hat out of his bag and laying it on the counter for the man.
“Yeah I know you took her, this here hat is very special you see.” The man started “For just as witches have their spells and potions, wizards have hats! So you see that hat is the source of all my magic.”
Tucker looked at him in astonishment as he put the hat on and began to fan out a deck of cards that appeared right out of the palm of his hand.
“So how about a card trick my young apprentice?”

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