Creative Essays: The Dream

Creative Essays: The Dream

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A glinting piece of metal catches my eyes, within the darkness. My feet walk quietly over to the glinting metal; my feet take steps cautiously towards it for some reason. I looked at the piece of metal and took in the circular edging. I stared into the reflecting surface and stumbled in shock at the reflection. Instead of my normal appearance; all I could see was pink hair, a silhouette face and body, with a matching pair of eyes looking into the mirror.

This isn't me

I averted my eyes to look around in the blackness of the room, I or she was currently in. A lone table steals my attention and I squinted my eyes at what appeared to be a head. I walk over to it, less cautious than I was before and saw that it was in fact a head, but not a real one, it was a mannequin. White locks were attached to the top of the head and screws were keeping it attached to the table. Next to the left screw were two matching light blue cell phones.

Suddenly one of the cell phones cracked in half and in that moment I lost control of my arms and it felt like they were being controlled by the likes of a puppet master or something of the sort. My hands aggressively tie a blood red ribbon around the head, a familiar malice smirk appeared on the head's face as I did so. My hands violently pull the string, the head winced in response and a pool of what looked like crimson blood, started seeping out of the area that the string was tied around. An insane laugh escaped my throat and it echoed throughout the darkness, as I ferociously pull the head off the table top. The head lets out a heart shattering scream of my name and then suddenly red liquid begins pooling from the ceiling and next thing I know; I'm drowning in what seems to be blood.

~end dream~


... middle of paper ...

...ut and grabbed hold of his pale hand. A blush coloured my cheeks when I realised what I did, he turned back and a slight smirk was drawn on his lips.

"Yes? Oh…did you want to sleep next to me so the nightmares don't haunt you again?" He asked.

"Ah-well-you see- y-y-yes…" I responded, awfully.

"Very well" he said, as he directed me over to his futon, I saw an asleep Koasaka and smile at the snores imitating from his nostrils. Aru gestured for me to lay down, I did so. A couple of seconds afterward Aru got in and covered us both with the blue blanket. I timidly cuddled into his side and his calming scent reached my nose.

"Goodnight Aru-kun" I said, with my eyes fluttering closed.

"Goodnight my love" I smiled and felt his lips lightly press on my forehead, before going to the land of dreams.

Good dreams are sure to come, but him being here is already one...

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