Creation and Augustine vs. Evolution and Charles Darwin Essay

Creation and Augustine vs. Evolution and Charles Darwin Essay

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In this philosophical scientific research paper, I will proceed as follows. First I will address the pros and cons of creation and evolution. Second, I will analyze the philosophical scientific causes of this issue in light of St. Augustine and Charles Darwin. Last I will infer my own results and therefore propose some scientific suggestions.
Many people have asked the question, where did we come from? According to creationists a higher power, or “God” created the universe. Some believe that “God” started off the universe and let it form by itself. Others think that “God” has been in creation since the beginning. However evolution is a completely different way of thinking, and is very complex. Evolution is the study of the gene change in a population from one generation to another, and is the decent of different spices through time. However there are always on going arguments about how the universe was created and how humans came into existence. I will try and explain the pros and cons of the theories of creation and evolution
Many creationists’ theories come from the Bible. Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ The Bible talks about God creating the universe in six days and resting on the seventh day. I those six days he created day and night, water and land, vegetation, and animals, and then he created two beings he called them Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve then sinned against God and the world became corrupt. The world became so corrupt that God flooded the whole earth. However God saved Noah and his family. God told Noah to rebuild an ark, and take two of each animal with them to rebuild the population. In Genesis 8:4-5 it says "And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day o...

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... the face of the whole earth.
While researching this paper I have learned that there is no concrete evidence proving creationism or evolutionism. I think that if creations and evolutionist combined their theories with one another, they maybe come up with a more concrete theory and possibly prove how the world was started. After researching I personally think that parts of evolution and creationism can be true. However for the last seventeen years of my life I have attended private Christian schools, and my belief is that God did in fact create the heavens, earth, and man, all things change because of complex systems.

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