Creating Support For Ell Learners Essay

Creating Support For Ell Learners Essay

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There has been a very large jump in the number of immigrants coming to the United States. This has led to a rise in the number of English Language Learners in schools around the U.S.. However, this means that educators, administrators, and those apart of the education district need to work together to create more support for this growing population of ELL students. This article brings up five different lessons on creating support for ELL learners in schools. The first lesson is, “Make success for ELLs a central issue.” This involves the commitment of everyone involved in the school towards improving the education of these students. Educators need to develop and communicate in order to create a unified plan to improve education and instruction (Stepanek 1). The second lesson is “Choose an appropriate ELL program model and ensure that it is well understood by all staff members.” The third lesson is “Use consistent and reliable procedures to identify and place ELL students.” Students who were able to receive services as an ELL student were not identified because these procedures changed by school and weren’t centralized (Stepanek 2). Schools need to be trained correctly in using home language surveys and fix the lack of translators for parents. The fourth lesson is “Implement strategies that are supported by research.” Pre-service training for future teachers isn’t doing enough to teach future teachers about how to teach ELL students. Current teachers don’t know where to find this new information and research on ELL instruction (Stepanek 3). It is important that we develop an understanding as educators to understand completely how ELL students learn. Lastly, lesson 5 is “Build a bridge to families and community members.” Students lea...

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...rning of English as a second language. It is important when learning a language that you practice it aloud in a conversation with others. This can now be done in a more efficient way with parents and children both learning English at the same time.
In the end, I found this article to be very knowledgeable on what it takes to support education for English Language Learners. These five lessons aren’t the only important things needed in order to have a supportive educational environment for English Language Learners, but they definitely are some of them. I believe that it is really important for educators and future educators to be knowledgeable about ELL students because you never know what type of student will walk through your door. As educators, we cannot be reliant on the specialists to help ELL students; it is the educator’s responsibility to teach all children.

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