The Creating of a Utopia Essay

The Creating of a Utopia Essay

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Once upon a land, in a time not so far away, there lived a boy named Karl Marx who would grow up to be the Father of Communism. It kind of sounds like a bad passion, but his idea was really well intentioned and sprung from remarks of the daily life around him. After much consideration, Marx helped find a theory called Socialism, a “transitional [period] between capitalism and communism, and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done,” ( Merriam- Webster Online) which paved the way for Communism. Karl Marx’s stages of Socialism are an important factor of his theory. Marx’s observations can be classified into five stages that are further broken down into his past, present and future.
Interpretations of the past lead to Marx’s first three stages: the Primitive Stage, Slave Stage, and Feudal Stage. The Primitive Stage was Marx’s first step toward communism. During this stage, humanity struggled to get by. There was no such thing as private ownership so no one could exploit one another. In this stage, money and class structure had not been created. The Primitive Stage came to an end with the development of large scale agriculture. (“The Communist Manifesto”)After the Primitive Stage came the Slave Stage. According to Marx, during the Slave Stage, “establishment of a new class” structure, status, agriculture, and private property began to develop (“The Communist Manifesto”). The masters of the slaves would have vast amounts of wealth while the majority of the population remained poor and destitute. This stage would collapse when the slave-owners acquired too many workers to keep track of. After the collapse of this stage, the Feudal Stage emerged, establishing a society where all submitted to ...

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