Essay about Creating A Lesson Plan For All Types Of Learners

Essay about Creating A Lesson Plan For All Types Of Learners

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Professional Paper 3:
Creating a Lesson Plan for All Types of Learners
During my practicum students focused on one main objective the entire summer in their science class. This was learning the components of the scientific method. While the goal was to learn each component, the classes focus stayed primarily with writing a hypothesis, and the rest of the components only being partially covered.
In addition to their regular science class, students also had a science applications class. Although I was rarely present for these classes, I was aware of what they were working on. Students were creating an Environmental Impact book, which included segments on endangered animals, global warming, fossil fuels, and deforestation.
I combined these two concepts to create my lesson plan. This was so that I could teach the scientific method to students in an experiment that they had been working with. To help students understand concepts in their science class, they complete worksheets and take notes on power point presentations. For student who understood the concepts early on, these repetitive worksheets became boring, and their work ethic declined throughout the semester. For some of the students who struggled, this repetition helped, but for the majority they continued to struggle with the actual concepts even if they could mimic the desired format. Working one on one with these students, I found that they were able to make more connections with a visual or hands on demonstration. I also found that many students could not relate to the worksheets designed.
Her teaching structured throughout the summer followed the Behaviorism theory, which implemented a repetition (LearningDctr). This kind of structure works for the Visual lear...

... middle of paper ... the material.
Although this lesson plan does not address a Universal Design, I have used components of this. I have designed my lesson so that all students can get something from the experiment, and lab packets are modified for specific learners needs. My students have multiple means of representation. Seeing the information in the physical experiment, then written as data, allows them to connect these two together. Discussion and questions, further this connection in a real life manner. Students also have the chance to express their knowledge in different ways. There are assessments through answers in lab, discussion, and through diagram. Most of my students need to bounce ideas off each other, or have a physical way to express it, which is why class discussion is a large component in this lesson. (National Center on Universal Design for Learning)

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