Creating A Fluid And Functional Place For Meditation Essay

Creating A Fluid And Functional Place For Meditation Essay

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How To Create A Fluid And Functional Place For Meditation In Your Home

Picture a room or area of your home where you can peacefully and comfortably sit, quietly healing and nurturing your mind, body and soul. One special place that is uniquely yours to attain a tranquil, higher state of being. This area is where you are free from stress, demands, burdens and all the negatives in life that drain you of all your energy. Here, you regain your power, strength and command. This is exactly what a meditation room will give you and creating this special space is just a few steps from reality. Here 's how to make it happen.

Choosing Your Space

If you don 't have the luxury of a spare room you can turn into an exclusive place of meditation, clear out a corner of one you use for something else. While it 's best to have as few distractions as possible, you can easily meditate in the living room or bedroom, provided your time and space are respected by other occupants of the home.

If you 're fortunate enough to have a room you can devote only to meditating, take full advantage. Let others know the room is going to be dedicated to peaceful practice only and if needed, install a lock on the door to keep little hands from plopping play dough on the altar.

No matter what your options for the meditation room are, you 've got some work to do to make it the peaceful haven you need.

Clear It Out

Begin by removing everything in the area that is to become meditation space. You don 't want anything on the walls and there should be no other objects or furniture in the way. If you 're creating a meditation space in part of an existing room, consider privacy screens to cordon off your little corner of the world. Remove everything else standing ...

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...oved circulation, elimination of harmful free-radicals and more relaxation.

4. An increased ability to mitigate pain, such as that from arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines.

5. Elevated self-confidence and esteem, along with a more positive perspective.

6. Resolution of anxiety, phobia and other potentially debilitating conditions.

7. Increased creativity and ability to untangle problems.

8. A stronger ability to recall and focus.

9. Elevated spirituality and connections to the inner self.

10. Acceptance of the past, leading to a more fulfilling present and potentially promising future.

Don 't just picture such a place in your home, make it a reality. Having your own individual space devoted to meditation, be it an entire room or small corner of one is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, healing and truly coming together as a whole individual.

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