Essay on The Cracks in Marriage Caused by the Acceptance of Infidelity

Essay on The Cracks in Marriage Caused by the Acceptance of Infidelity

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A new husband and a beautiful bride share their first dance together on their wedding day. Moments before the dance the new husband was in the coat room, having sex with the maid of honor. Meanwhile, the beautiful bride was in the kitchen with her high school sweetheart, on her back trying not to make any noise while she had sex with her high school sweetheart. The sanctity of the new marriage is broken. However, both will go on in the marriage for the next few months until it collapses. The new couple had no idea of what a traditional marriage is meant to be. Marriage has been many things throughout history but, some constants have maintained throughout time until current society. Marriage has maintained an identity of love, commitment, and trust to one other person. Today marriage is slowly losing that identity. The acceptance of infidelity has perpetuated the disappearance of the identity of marriage and, is destroying monogamy as a practice in the United States. As a guideline, infidelity will be defined as, the romantic or physical relationship between two people where one person is already in a committed relationship. The causes that are perpetuating infidelities efforts to undermine the identity of marriage are technology, media, or entertainment.
Today we can communicate across the world in seconds thanks to the wonders of technology. However, the cost of this convenience has opened the door for infidelity to gain acceptance and become easier to commit than ever before. Within seconds, using any online search engine, thousands of websites designed to facilitate affairs and, educate a cheater on how to have the affair without getting caught can be accessed. One web site asserts that “An affair can save a marriage.” (Have ...

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...away from the values that defined a traditional marriage. Media and technology are the driving forces behind the rise in people who chose to be unfaithful to their spouse. The rise in unfaithful spouses is causing the traditional marriage to fall apart and last no more than a couple years. The transformation to the acceptance of infidelity must be stopped if the traditional marriage is to be saved.

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