The course of the Industrial Revolution in England Essays

The course of the Industrial Revolution in England Essays

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The origin of the industrial revolution was in the sixteenth century. There were both demand and supply sides to industrialization. New technology and goods were the supply-side factors, while home markets and exports made demand available (Fukuyuma 437). Households worked harder so that they would be able to purchase new consumer goods. There was a transition from production using hand to use of machines. The development of steam technology provided for the improvement of efficiency in the use of water power. There was the emergence of new iron production, chemical manufacturing processes, and change from wood to coal (Fukuyuma 298).
Fukuyuma found out that it began in Britain, and after a couple of years it spread to the United States and Western Europe. The time industrial revolution took place is, however, different among different historians. It was believed that it began in Britain in 1780s, but its impact was not fully felt until 1830s. It was during this period that rural and agrarian societies in America became urban and industrial. There were improved systems of communication, transportation, and banking. As industrialization brought variety and increased volume of manufactured goods, it improved living standards for some of the people.
The textile industry, particularly, transformed due to industrialization. Initially, textiles used to be made in people’s homes; the process was tedious, as it involved transformation of products from raw material to finished goods. For instance, wool had to be sorted, be cleaned and later dye them before they could make woolen cloths. It was combed and then carded and later spanned into thread then woven into cloths. Consequent procedures were then performed upon the material,...

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...affairs. Fukuyuma says this in turn led to the uproar from the nationalist of Germany demanding that the two duchies be incorporated into German confederation. This, as a result, led to a brief war in 1848 to gain control of the two duchies. The two German powers were constantly clashing over the manner the duchies were supposed to be administered. Between 1866 and 1870, the relationship between Prussia and France worsened. France decided to go to war with Prussia in 1870 because of the way they had been frustrated regarding the issue of candidacy that was for the vacant throne available in Spain (Fukuyuma 602). Prussians emerged victorious, both decisive and swift. In 1871, the second German Reich emerged at the same time.

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