Essay on The Course At The University Of Iowa

Essay on The Course At The University Of Iowa

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Over the course of this past spring semester at the University of Iowa, I have acquired an abundance of knowledge on subjects from environmentalism all the way to African art. The only problem with learning information from such a wide verity of subjects, I feel as if I will not use a lot of this knowledge I have received in my everyday life. Sure, it is nice to know that Fang people, who inhabit the Equatorial Forest in west Africa, believe their funeral figures guard their deceased members’ spirits from evil supernatural forces and black magic; but I just can not see myself utilizing that knowledge in daily conversations. Although I learned information this semester that I probably will not use in my day-to-day life, there was one course I took that has taught me information that I will use on a daily basis. In this essay, I argue that the course Solving Public Problems has taught me skills and information about deliberation that I will exploit in my everyday life. First, I examine how the learning the skill of solving a public problem has improved my ability to listen to and respect the opinions of others and share my own. Second, I explain how being taught the skill to facilitate a public deliberation has enhanced my leadership abilities.
Solving a wicked problem is a skill that the course Solving Public Problems has taught me that I will exploit in my everyday life because it has improved my abilities to listen to and respect the opinion of others. Something that was taught in the starting weeks of the course was that wicked problems can never be fully solved, only reduced. Wicked problems are unsolvable because of the giant web of other problems that they are intertwined with. This is what makes them so wicked, right ...

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...f utilizing a facilitator practice while I am manage my employees is a practice that comes from David Mathews’ book Ecology of Democracy. According to Mathews’ findings, a facilitator should not choose a topic for discussion that is too broad because there are likely to be many issues involved not just one. I am able to take this facilitator practice and fit it to my role as manager by turning it into a guideline for which I assign my employees’ particular tasks (87). Instead of assigning a single employee the task of watching the entire first floor of the bar, I only him a section of the floor. Making sure everyone is safe, watching out for fights, and picking up trash on the entire first floor would be impossible for one person to do, so as a facilitator/manager I have to designate employees to certain sections of the floor, making their job not so overwhelming.

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